About the tree nursery

The founder of our tree nursery is Stanisław Typer who started to plant roses in 1968. Gradually he increased production and in 1979 he started planting fruit trees. 
The first rootstocks came from the Orchard Institute in Brzezna. He purchased more equipment and developed production. Stanisław also worked with his son Krzysztof who in 1995 took over the farm developing it and introducing further modernizations.
Currently, the tree nursery specializes in production of fruit trees and another generation maintains family traditions. 
Our town has long tree nursery traditions. We encourage you to become familiar with a short history of tree nursing in Zasów.



39-209 Zasów 19
phone: +48 14 68 31 416
mobile: +48 691 704 907
e-mail: drzewkaikrzewy24@gmail.com
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